Recycle Construction Waste

Golden State Crushing has environmentally beneficial options for your construction projects which can be utilized for LEED accreditation projects. Our multiple Recycle Yards throughout the Sacramento Area are certified for disposal of your Construction and Demolition materials per Cal Recycle requirements. The Construction and Demolition materials are 100% recycled for use as other construction aggregate products. Our most common recycled aggregate material is our 100% Recycle Aggregate Base, which is widely accepted for use in City, County, and Cal Trans State projects.

20141013_154454 AB stockpile

Green Solutions

We offer additional green solutions for your recycled aggregate materials with 100% Recycle Drain Rock and Sand, and Recycle Concrete Aggregates to be used for specific applications on your construction projects. Our imported slurry materials from concrete and asphalt cuttings are 100% recycled for use in different aggregate and fill applications. In addition to our Recycle Yards, we can mobilize our crushing equipment to your construction site and recycle your Construction and Demolition materials at the project which can further reduce your environmental impact with reduced trucking and 100% recycled materials.

Please give us a call to further discuss your construction project needs and allow us to help develop your green solutions and LEED accreditations with our 100% recycled materials.